Monday, 19 April 2010

Outside learning, play, eating, socialising, fun and....

Watching family members recently has really reminded me how much young people love being outdoors... literally at the first opportunity they want to play, to paint, to do crafts, to role play, to eat, to socialise and just BE outdoors. Whilst some schools have really great external spaces, unfortunately it also reminds me how little provision some schools make for their outside environments for effective learning, use and sheer enjoyment.

I am involved now in a number of new school design projects that have really stressed the need for the use of indoor and outdoor learning to be seamless. They are being viewed as really important. When built they're going to be great spaces. I just hope that staff really understand how they can be used, as frequently, outside spaces are not fully utilised currently. That's one real opportunity.

But what about all the schools that are not part of any build opportunity that have really poor outside spaces supported by no view that they are important. That's a lot of young people losing fab learning opportunities and thereby also seeing no reason to want to go outside. (and that's a whole different issue!)

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