Monday, 12 April 2010

Steam learning

Visiting a traditional visiting steam fair recently was really interesting. Yes my daughters loved the rides, the carousel, the helter skelter, the amazing mirrors, coconut shy and so on, but what caught my eye were the number of adults examining the technology and seeing how it all worked. All over was old technology driving the rides, all of which were of course, crowded. The carousel had steam billowing out of it's chimney, and another swing ride driven by steam engine 'Yorky'.

So often we hide workings and mechanisms of buildings, machinery etc.... but here was technology working - with lots of people looking, pointing things out, explaining and discussing. It would have been the site for a number of great science lessons - it's a pity and a wasted opportunity that no one did any whilst the fair was here.
More and more schools are now celebrating their learning environment at work, from energy meters, building elements, through to staff and the business of learning - it just has to be a good idea doesn't it?

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