Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Cosy Corners

Visiting a small cafe in London last week, the most sought after place to sit was a corner full of soft sociable seating. (Although the photograph shows it empty, I had to wait ages to take it.) A mixture of bean bags, soft chairs allow people to chat, discuss and work. Typically I have seen teenagers using laptops were on the cushions, and informal business meeting occurring on the chairs simultaneously. The huge link with the outside allows loads of natural light.

These spaces are just so popular. Lots of schools are considering creating a variety of small social spaces just like this, not just as social spaces but for work as well. Many agree that some young people do not always work most effectively when sat behind a desk, but as they do at home. Whilst, obviously it depends on what task they are doing, most prefer to be comfortable. Don't we all!

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