Saturday, 8 May 2010

Election - education : priority - learning.

(Photo: Dawn V)
Just a couple of observations about the election really... whilst voting is over, there is still no real conclusion about who will form the new government. I just hope that whilst all the discussions between parties continue, the key priorities of education, learning and aspirations for our young people remain very high on the agenda. Our young people really do have to have the absolute best opportunities and facilities to support focused and appropriate learning if they are to really compete internationally in the 21st century. I just hope that, with a hung parliament, this focus does not slip down the agenda! It can't - too much has already been done - but there is lots more to do.

On a much more positive note, I have been really amazed just how more interested young people seem to have become in politics recently - far more so than in recent times. I am not sure why this increase has occurred, although several people have attributed it to the television debates between leaders. So many people have commented, from teachers, lecturers and family members about this and how young people have been asking about policies, to explain the hung parliament and so on - it can't be a coincidence. This, along with the increase in numbers of people voting, can only be a good thing. One comprehensive school teacher I know reported that she had just heard a student cycling past saying "When I become Prime Minister.. " (No one actually knows what he was going to do though).
This increased interest and engagement, whatever caused it, can only be good! I just wonder how some schools are using it as a learning and teaching opportunity?

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