Thursday, 20 May 2010

Interactive cycling.... the true experience.

Maybe not as fit as I should be......
I have written before about the interactive gym bikes by Trixter - but l recently tried them for real. In my last post I praised their 'cool' design and my thoughts about how effective they would be to make PE lessons increasingly fun and effective.

I arranged for them to be at a small conference day I organised. After a morning of very focused inputs it was a really good opportunity for people to see and try some new kit and move those limbs.
They drew a lot of attention from the delegates there and I think almost everyone tried them. I thought that they looked fun, but in reality they were so much more. Following the mountain bike race track on the screen in front of you, with pedalling getting easier or harder depending on whether you were going up a hill or not, your steering affecting your positioning on the track, it was very easy to totally forget that you were on an exercise machine, especially when 'racing' against the bike next to you. I find gym static bikes dull and boring - not this one however, it was great and became a real talking point. They would be just fab in schools!
Unfortunately, whilst I was really enjoying taking part, what it did reveal was that, by lap 3, I was no where near as fit as I should be - oh dear!

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