Monday, 3 May 2010

Real toys as well..

I got asked recently if everything I did was based online or on computer related activity.... - the answer is of course not, it's just stuff I enjoy. However, the joy of having a really young family, as well as an older daughter, is that I am kept firmly grounded in real play/fun things as well as "the other stuff".

Flying kites today, although not very well, was massive fun. My daughters loved it and the questions they kept asking were just amazing. We would not have got these through 'watching' kites on the screen; computer or TV. Even my father in law, who had come along, started questioning kite design and wondering whether there were other better design solutions... play became learning and experimentation for adults as well as children. It initiated all sorts of thoughts and ideas. However, after kite flying we looked on YouTube and saw some amazing kites.. this added to the learning, experience, excitement and drama. It continued the conversation for ages.
Learning through play is a really important part of growing up for young children... and television just does not do enough. The Key Stage 1 curriculum in UK schools supports fab aspects of experiential play and creativity, but we lose it as children go though the system with our fanatical focus on formal testing. Is this sensible if it works? No one is saying assessment is not important, but we do miss so many opportunities for our young people.
Watching the girls play and using their imagination and creativity is just fab and they get so much out of it. I always feel guilty I don't do more of it!

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