Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Views - make you feel better

Working in Portland, Dorset today, I was, yet again, blown away by the views... the sun helped enormously. I'm lucky - I have lived in some fab places with some amazing views. I tried not to take them for granted, but it is so easy to do at times. Today this scene had a very positive impact on everyone I was working with.

We can't all have the views, but what we can do, as we build new schools, is ensure that everyone has the best positive learning environments, inside and outside, to help motivate learners of all ages. We are so lucky in the UK with the BSF* and Academy programmes, we have the opportunity - we really must not waste it!
(*BSF - Building Schools of the Future)


olliebray said...

Interestingly, you can just about see the house that I grew up in from your photograph and Stephen’s new school is being built in the quarry that I learnt to rock climb in many years ago!

Gareth Long said...

Ollie, Thanks for the comment.. it really is a small world!