Sunday, 20 June 2010

Hand held learning and Ollie Bray

far right: Ollie Bray talking with colleagues
On a really positive note, I have been meeting and talking to the very talented Ollie Bray recently about a project I am involved with. Many readers will know Ollie from having heard him speak or from reading his blog. Ollie really does KNOW and PRACTICE what, oh so many talk about, regarding technology, using mobile devices in classrooms with students etc. His blog is really one to follow for some really thought provoking thinking.
Although qualified as a headteacher he is currently seconded to work as National Adviser for Learning and Technology Futures at Learning and Teaching Scotland (LTS) - the government-funded agency in Scotland responsible for curriculum design and innovation.
Ollie is really regarded as one of the leading classroom practitioners in the UK, picking up numerous awards over the years including achieving First Place in the Microsoft European Innovative Teachers Forum for ICT in the Community 2009, the UK Microsoft Innovative Teachers Award for Computer Games Based learning 2009 and being recognised as an Apple UK Distinguished Educator.
I hear many people talk, I hear many pontificate, I hear many that teachers find it hard to relate to - it is really great to be able to work with and discuss future ideas with some of the best people around.
I am really fortunate I know - I meet and work with some really amazing people and teams of people - the best in their field. It is doing these parts of my job which makes me really appreciate how lucky I am to do what I do.

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