Tuesday, 15 June 2010

iPad launch

Outside the Apple shop below: the queue round the corner!
So I just had to do it - I got my iPad on launch day! I'm not as dedicated as those that queued through the night - I went late afternoon. There was still a queue and I thought how short it was, just a few people on Regent Street outside the Apple store - until they told me that the real queue started round the corner!!

However, having said that, I was really impressed at the efficiency of the 'customer' organisation - it was quick, efficient and kept moving! (and those that tried to jump the queue by trying to go through the 'non iPad door' failed in their quest - hooray!). As a business user my iPad was in a bag waiting for me which was even better, but maybe not quite so popular for those waiting behind me - but at least I got out of the way fast.
The atmosphere was one of excitement and enthusiasm - staff were still cheering as each customer went in - although after many hours I must admit they were sounding a little tired...
So the iPad got home - do I like it.... whilst I'm still working out the mstr effective uses for me on my travels - the answer is yes - I love! This machine, or one very like it, really has the potential to transform learning!

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