Sunday, 20 June 2010

It's only a shelf....

Visiting a higher education institution last week for the first time, I was invited to wait for a minute or two in the Reception waiting area.... guided to my chair I sat down... and promptly banged my head on a shelf that protruded exactly at head level. My fault - no complaint - or was it?

However, as I went off to my meeting, a different visitor sat and did exactly the same thing - so it wasn't just me. I wondered just how many people have done that since it was installed. It's only a shelf but if it is there, why put chairs right in front of it so people can't get to it or place them underneath it where people can bang their heads. It doesn't even look right. Whether it is a design (surely not) or an operational issue, (probably), it's only a small thing - but it is the detail that makes things really work or irritate people.
Me? - I guess I'll just have to look more carefully.

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