Sunday, 20 June 2010


I am fortunate to work in many locations, some fab, some alright and some just not good. Recently I am been in a large number of eight hour long design sessions as we finalised and signed off designs for a new secondary school.

It has been a great and really enjoyable project with lots of learning and ongoing professional debate with a great balance of aspiration and pragmatism together.
We frequently did these meetings is a new local authority office facility... open maybe less than a year, in a meeting room with absolutely no vision in or out of it. It really is a box and nothing more. The research is overwhelming about the need to regularly be able to see different distances, have natural daylight, and good ventilation. This room breaks almost all the rules - it is truly dreadful! Every time I have heard people moaning about our meetings being held in there. The days that meetings were in a different room with light and transparency, I am convinced the feelings were different and the work rate better.
I seriously cannot believe that people would design a room like this that people may have to work in - it is better suited to storage - and nothing else. It certainly would not be allowed in new schools - why should people working in this office have to put up with it?

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