Thursday, 8 July 2010

more mistakes....and maybe a glimmer of hope..

And so it seems that there are even more errors on this list of BSF projects that are stopped - it appears that there are now thirty mistakes, so far, on the original list published by the Government. There have now been a number of revised versions of the list having been published over the past three days, at least three. This is bizarre in itself.

Embarrassingly, the current list on the website tracks the changes and notes that it took the former Secretary of State (now Shadow Secretary) Ed Balls, to inform the Department of Education about five further mistakes to be corrected. Oh dear!
The apologies from Mr Gove are profuse, to Parliament and later to Council Leaders.
BUT - which ever way you look at it - it's not brilliant!
But maybe there is some reassurance that some school buildings will continue - in another way. Mr Gove did give some reassurances tonight. Click here.

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