Monday, 12 July 2010

BSF - the debate goes international...

A really good debate: 'Do good buildings make for better educated children?' in 'The Guardian'/'The Observer' about the demise of BSF has gone global . This article featuring views by Rick Jones and Rowan Moore has now got a link on 'The Third Teacher" Facebook page and is attracting loads of comments from all around the world....

Even when I have spoken with delegates at conferences here and in the USA they could not comprehend the level of investment that BSF brought. Having said that, they were very jealous - they all knew that, of course, learning environments do make an impact... the UK was absolutely leading the world with this strategy. I am afraid that 'was' seems to be the key word.
I think that few could doubt that the BSF bidding process was bureaucratic, we know that - but after all, local authorities were getting hundreds of millions of pounds - some kind of check and process was probably a good idea!
I just hope that when the new building strategies are announced, there is a place for innovation, creative design, even in refurbishment, and excitement! Follow this link - there are some good views expressed.

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