Friday, 9 July 2010

Cardboard boxes

So iPads, iPod Touch, computers, books, toys are all very well, but when a large cardboard box arrives in the house - it becomes the absolutely favourite toy!! There is genuine distress when I try to remove it, often days later.
It becomes the centre of all sorts of creative play, home, picnic tables, a place for soft toys to sleep, a space rocket and..... so much more.
My young children love digital technology, they are very good with it, especially the new fab very intuitive iPad, - but we mustn't forget good old imaginative play. Nursery schools and infants are really good at harnessing learning through play, but it really is so important at home as well.
We really need to ensure that the harnessing to his imaginative and creative energy must be developed through every phase of education, and never let it succumb to the attitude that it is 'something they do when they are young"! Unfortunately I heard this attitude reflected quite recently - from a teacher at a school that really wasn't doing very well.... perhaps that's why!

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