Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Cows at the window

I have written a few posts about schools effectively using their entire buildings, and identifying schools were students have roof gardens and play spaces. These examples have often caused readers to write in wondering if the designers are bonkers and raising concerns about health and safety. The examples I have shown are always great and schools, with a good ethos who actually trust their students! We really can do so - they manage to survive pretty well in the real world....

However, I was surprised and slightly amused to read about a secondary and elementary school in Holzkirchen, Germany that allows cows on the meadow roof. Having read the technical description on the wonderful 'imagine' website, I am convinced that it is very environmentally friendly..... but I still keep thinking about sitting in a learning space with a cow peering in mooing..... it may be unusual but it still sounds really fab to me... you could also have sheep, and llamas and......... These, and the other images on the site have attracked interest from around the world - you can see why!
(The 'imagine' website is a collaboration between Balfour Beatty (who had the original idea), BDR of Sheffield University and more recently Partnerships for Schools). IT is a great resource for showcasing outstanding schools designs from around the world - it's definitely worth a long look!)

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