Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Have your new school - oops - no you can't. Sorry!

It really is very very embarrassing for the Secretary of State to have to admit that he published a devastating list of school BSF projects saved and stopped that is wrong! The major announcement in Parliament, the hype, the fanfare etc, only to have to then admit two days later that there are errors on it is ...... well let's say.... unfortunate.... to say the least. I really feel for the authorities who read that their schools were safe, only to lose them two days later! To read the BBC news on this story click here. To read the press release with access to the full revised list of schemes at the bottom, click here.

If as a Headteacher I had made this type of mistake regarding students or my school, the parents, authority and goodness knows who else would be all over me - it would be a nightmare! This embarrassing episode does reflect rush, lack of accuracy and possibly, but hopefully not, ineptitude. Having worked directly for an Education Minister, I know how it is, there is no doubt that the 'boss'; Mr Gove, will not be at all happy at being shown up like this I suspect that there is at least one civil servant who has been moved way out of sight at best or, at worst, has become part of the latest budget cuts!
The whole thing is disastrous really!

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