Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Pasta still rules..

From time to time I just simply show things I have seen and liked - today it's pasta. I have shared some amazing pasta art work and sculptures before. Pasta still rules in the nursery / infant art curriculum ... and why not - is is so versatile and easy to use (and not yet even affected by any bonkers health and safety rules!!). The latest offering I have seen recently (above) is better than lots of others I have seen - using the pasta to make a picture frame is not unusual - but painting it the really rich deep blue is a perfect frame for the rather fab fish..

Interestingly, the young pupil involved then went to recreate the picture on a computer using a variety of tools to recreate the textures involved! Whilst there was some teacher input in the pasta work above - when they used the computer it was all their own work - interesting!! (Unfortunately I left before I saw the final product -but the start was really good!)

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