Sunday, 25 July 2010

School Design - BCSE gets it right

I have been delighted to hear that, for the first time, two schools have found themselves on the shortlist for Britain's leading architectural award: the £20,000 Stirling Prize - Clapham Manor Primary School and Christ's College School, Guildford. What is so pleasing about this is both were shortlisted in the BCSE Industry Awards earlier this month. Even better Clapham Manor won both the Inspiring Design Award and also the Judges Award.....

As Chair of Judges for the BCSE Industry Awards , I am delighted to receive this independent verification of the decisions we made..... school design is massively important - I just hope that the UK has the opportunity to continue to design amazing learning environments!!
Clapham Manor was designed by dRMM and Christ's College by DSDHA.
For information, the awards will be presented live in BBC2 ON October 2 at 6.30 by Kevin McLoud.

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