Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dining spaces - change needed

I have visited several schools recently that are decidedly in need of either refurbishment or total rebuild. Unfortunately many will now not get this after the infAmous 'Gove announcement' Some are so depressing they really are a disgrace in the Third Millennium. Dining areas really can be the most depressing acoustically appalling areas in schools.

One school I visited recently has possibly the most shocking dining facility I have seen in living memory. So bad in fact that the dining room I visited in a cave in the Troglodyte village of Rochemenier over the summer almost looked comfortable.
In fact, looking at the photograph above, many school dining rooms look very similar a century plus later. Surely in this day and age, with our students exposed to high quality facilities wherever they go in their social life, from Starbucks, to Costa to MacD's, should really be getting something better from those institutions designed to educate them! It is what they see and surely what they should expect.

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