Friday, 24 September 2010

Mike Baker on ICT in schools..

It is always worth reading Mike Baker's articles on education - he always provides thought provoking articles and, unlike many who pontificate in the media, he knows what he is talking about. One of his latest ones on ICT in schools is well worth reading.

There are many people who are incredibly concerned about the future of ICT in schools, and what now what appears to be the current drift to minimising its role or impact. Attempts to do this are probably too late - you cannot undo the benefits to learning discovered by schools all round the country. These benefits, of course, were well understood by students, it was the staff and parents who had to a) understand and b) be convinced by its usefulness.
There is no doubt that the role of ICT should massively and continuously increase if our young people are to be prepared for the world of work - a key requirement of employers everywhere.
We would be bonkers not to encourage it... wouldn't we?
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