Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Seating renewed..

A real focus on seating and other aspects of FF&E was apparent at the Expo associated with the cefpi conference in San Jose this week...
New student lecture seats were revealed by SteelCase - a very advanced form of the standard lecture chair (see below). Not only are they really very comfortable with a flexible back, but they are on wheels for ease of movement, have an integrated bag shelf, swivel, with swivelling desk top that can fit either side. For those that like this style they are really worthy of a good look - but they are not cheap!
However, the absolute runaway star of the show regarding seating was the new HOKKI stool by VS, the leading schools furniture manufacturer from Germany. The new stool was immensely popular - it's rounded base ensures that those who sit on it can move easily therefore ensuring better posture and focus. Initially I was not convinced when I first sat on it - but a second visit changed my mind.
More importantly, I asked students from the UK and US about them - both sets thought that the HOKKI's were fantastic and really comfortable. Staff and students really could see them in schools....
Judging from the queues of delegates lining up to get one, they were not the only ones! They are on sale from VS but will also be on Amazon in a couple of weeks.
What IS really fab is that the ongoing focus on ergonomics and concern for student furniture can only be good and contribute to an improved learning environment and outcome for all.
the new lecture chair by Steelcase

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