Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The Steve Sinnott Foundation

It is really easy to get so carried away by what is happening in education in the UK today, the opportunities versus the challenges, the promoters versus the blockers, the aspiration versus those in a time warp....and then adding the current financial situation....!! Given that, it is just really fab when I hear about ambition, innovation and vision really being implemented.

I am really pleased to see that the Steve Sinnot Foundation has really made massive progress since it's launch last year. The Foundation is named after the late Steve Sinottt, General Secretary of the National Union of Teachers in England and Wales until his tragic death, in April 2008. I heard about it before it's launch whilst involved in a totally unrelated project with one of the founding directors.
World leaders at the United Nations have set the Millenium Goals to tackle issues of poverty and deprivation. the goals for education includes a commitment that, by 2015, every child will be able to complete a full course of primary education. It goes under the slogan "Education for All".
The Steve SInnott Foundation is a UK based registered charity with a worldwide aim to promote Education for All, but they do not believe that education is ever a matter for charity - frankly, I agree with them. It IS an entitlement for those who receive it and a crucial investment for those who resource it. With economies in the developed world having their own difficulties investment must be made in the education of the world's children to secure new growth!
Already linked to projects in Ghana, Haiti, India and Nepal amongst others, the Foundation's massive ambition is really humbling but very exciting.
Interestingly, it sees it's role to connect organisers of projects aimed at achieving the Millennium Development Goals for education to each other, to potential donors of funds and equipment and to teachers and educators around the world with experience and expertise to offer. It is not supported by any established funds.
For those readers who have not come across the Steve Sinnott Foundation before - please do have a look, and if you can help in any way, please do contact them.
It is just an amazing project and one that deserves as much support as possible.

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