Thursday, 7 October 2010

The T' word!


It was quite fascinating that, for one of the first times I have heard a significant number of people in America really talking about transformation, personalisation, independent learning, project work, integrated ICT and many of the phrases we have used in the UK for years. Previously it was my experience that it was just a few

Some of these phrases are now considered not acceptable in the new regime in the UK - but actually the names are irrelevant - it is the actual learning and teaching strategies that are increasingly being incorporated in schools that is important. We cannot return to the past nor would we want to. Educators have learnt a huge amount over the past few years about broadening approaches to learning, students are much more aware and engaged in how they like to learn. One of the fascinating parts of my job is working with some truly outstanding professionals, both in education and design, to create the best learning environments to support the process.
No matter what the rhetoric that can be heard, there is now no doubt that school environments really do matter and do positively students impact .

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