Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Time for engaging learning....

It is always great to talk to students who are animated and engaged with their work. This is especially true, and rather special, when that student has previously had many negative experiences in schools.

The clock above is the product of a young student in a school for students with severe emotional and behaviour problems. It' s good, really good - with great care and attention to detail. This project has taken him time and he admitted it he was proud of it. The approach was not just a design technology project but one using a variety of skills and cross curricular approaches.
The student involved happened to come into a room during a break in a new school design session and spontaneously started to talk in detail about his clock to a group of architects and engineers. They all showed real interest and engaged him in detailed discussions about the preparation and creation techniques.
He got loads out of this project and his time talking to adults about his own learning "i's personal in't it"... He noted that he had never had the chance in his previous schools..... - that's a pity really - it does make a difference and students always remember it!

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