Tuesday, 9 November 2010

All Change!!

Walking down Strand in London last week to a meeting with education publisher Pearson, I was just amazed to see 19 buses in a row, nose to tail, driving down the road..... it reminded me of that saying when you want a bus none arrives and then they all come together. A phrase often associated with buses as they reach the end of their journey is "All Change" - so you start the next leg of your journey on a new bus...

It's a bit like education policy in the UK really .. start to do some really good things, some good ideas, focused and relevant initiatives, lots of students and staff being moved out of substandard accommodation into new learning environments and then .... a new Government comes along, the cry "All Change" goes up, lots of good work is undone and a raft of new policies comes along - and they keep coming, every week (or is it every day?) something new....... just like the buses really.
I am sure some initiatives will be very good, but lots of really positive things have also been lost in the change of direction....
It just makes be wonder that as this constant stream continues - how long before we again hear the cry "All Change"

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