Monday, 1 November 2010


Location : London Bridge station... / Time: Morning rush hour... Sight: two men in bright purple one piece full body suits.

BUT - did anyone notice? Not many people when I was there. Staggering really. I always wonder as I travel around - just how many people ignore everyone and remain self absorbed... they don't see or notice anyone - no matter what they are doing or what is happening... It's odd really. It happens in work and school situations as well.
A common complaint from students in very big schools is that no one knows them and they get 'lost' - or no one sees them... There is no doubt that smaller student groupings are very powerful - where every knows everyone.... and there is real interest and knowledge about their achievements - they feel like someone.
I was involved in splitting a school into four smaller new schools on one campus a few years ago - relationships were better, communication was good, attendance went up, behaviour improved, expectations improved and crucially - student performance rose sharply. Everyone was recognised - no one was anonymous. This is definitely the way forward. We must stop creating large anonymous factory schools..
We are all too busy today - and we don't see half of what is happening - even if you are dressed in purple!


Anonymous said...

This is so true. No one sees anyone these days. Kids get lost in schools and they leave and no one notices.

Anonymous said...

i saw thes men too - I had been thinking just what you wrote after my son casme home last week and said the teacher asked him if he was just new to school - he's been there since September, his sschool is just too big

Gareth Long said...

Thank you for your comments. G