Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Circles or even circuits....

I'm absolutely sure I was not learning about electrical circuits at 5, but my daughter certainly is..... I spent part of the half term taking her to a shop so she could ask for "bulbs, bulb holders, crocodile clip wires, battery holders and a switch" so she could make "a circle" (read circuit) - she knew more than I ever expected.

The half term holiday project was a project about light - she decided that she wanted to do a lighthouse for her own reasons... and one that lit up. She knew precisely what she wanted to do and only a little help to start to cut the holes in various plastic pots etcI was frankly staggered about what they were doing and how much detail they had covered.
As has happened before I was also surprised how much time she spent doing this project over several days - she was really motivated by it.
Early thoughts of posters vanished fast (actually I hate posters as homework or coursework - it can be such a cop out for some can encourage low expectations) there is no doubt that it would not have been enough.
What's more when questioned about components all sorts of understanding emerged... it's true when people say - we just don't know how good our young people can be - not just my daughter - but everyone. We just have to find ways to engage them in their own learning and interests!

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