Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Lights v sustainability

As the mornings get darker, it is really interesting to see how people are using light in a variety of interesting ways in public spaces.

Students in design sessions are frequently interested in using light and colour to ensure that their spaces and building have some character, rather than be just the standard 'white' box. What makes the debate more fun is that whilst many want to use colour to create a unique identity, others are much more focused on sustainability and express considerable concern about keeping lights on when they are not totally necessary.
This aways leads to a really interesting, and informed, debate between each other. Young people in schools really do know a lot about renewable energy sources, sustainability, energy usage and so on - I suspect much more so than a very few years ago. Many speak with passion and determination to 'do their bit' at reducing carbon footprints etc etc
Having said that, many also still consider the use of colour as important to give identity to their school buildings, but want to ensure the ideas implemented are with a real energy strategy in mind. This interest can only be good really - especially if they are consistent with this strategy at home!


Anonymous said...

I am so loving the light down the middle of the path thank you

Anonymous said...

The photograph is not straight