Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Skateboards in Schools

I have been talking quite a lot about schools' green travel plans recently as part of the planning processes for new schools. Lots of people creating similar ideas to comply with authority requirements. These ideas include some really crazy discrepancies. Schools who do not allow students to cycle for safety reasons due to the fact that they are surrounded by very major roads, being forced to install tens or hundreds of bicycle racks that will never be used. This is clearly mad. The concept is very worthy but generic rules cannot cover individual school situations. But what about other solutions?
I am not sure how many schools are considering other healthy forms of transport.
I was intrigued to be sent a link recently to the firm 'Skateboard Lockers' who supply secure skateboard containers to schools and other venues. Whilst this company is from America, home of the skateboard, several schools I know in the UK ban them. I am not really quite sure why this is, they are a healthy form of transport. For two schools at least, the issue is what to do with them during the day - a simple storage issue. Even in schools in the States I have seen them littering up school reception areas. THis does not seem a very convincing argument for not allowing them though.
Are there many schools in the UK that allow or encourage skateboards? - I don't know and I don't suppose many, if any, schools in the UK will be interested in providing these but..
at least someone is trying to resolve the storage issue!

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