Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ticket Art

Walking through Waterloo Station last week, most people's attention was drawn by some very large sculptures made entirely of rail tickets.. (most people - because, as we all know, some people don't see anything!).

Particularly interested were a group of young people, who were taking photos (as were many people. The gist of their conversation was that would love to do 'stuff' like this, but they didn't stand a chance in school.
I can, unfortunately, understand why - I am currently involved in a major exercise cost cutting exercise on a number of new schools as a response to the latest budget saving exercise by PfS. (Partnership for Schools). Part of this cost cutting is that, inevitably, rooms are getting shaved for space. Big practical rooms are becoming smaller rooms, some new build is becoming refurbishment of existing inadequate spaces.
Art studios, terraces, are just some of the types of spaces that are suffering... the direct impact is, of course, that the types of activity that can take place is also suffering. Inevitably large scale sculptures and pieces will vanish on some places....
Mind you, if schools CAN be agile, if students CAN work elsewhere, home, professional studios, colleges, then some of this very imaginative large scale work can continue. But students and schools really may have to think out side of the box...again!

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Anonymous said...

these are very good pieces.. thank you for sharing

your comment about art spaces are well made - we are inhibiting students more and more