Saturday, 13 November 2010

Working in the Tower

I was delighted to be invited to be part of an education reference panel this week, lead by Professor Stephen Heppell and sponsored by ICT company Northgate Information Systems. A small of people from a wide range of backgrounds, many the top of their field, discussing for a whole day where we thought the future of education was going. I was humbled to be included with them.

There was a great deal of very positive thinking with clear suggestions as to how things will change, but as always the interchange and professional discussions were just fab, well considered, exciting and challenging.
The whole day was fab, but stealing the show was the iconic venue - in a room high up in the North Tower of Tower Bridge, London. Even better, we also had the opportunity to go to the very top and onto a narrow balcony not usually accessible to the public - stunning views all round London.
I am sure that this conversation will continue - it deserves to - there is so much to say, share and learn. Hopefully more will be posted by me soon.
Prof Stephen Heppell at the very top of Tower Bridge
Thoughtful and provocative discussions captured digitally and below: the group

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