Friday, 12 November 2010

Young Entrepreneurs

Location: Twickenham, Match: England versus All Blacks, Crowd: over 80,000 people....

Walking from the match to the station - passing lots of houses trying to 'cash in' by selling BBQ's, do-nuts, etc - we all passed some of the youngest entrepreneurs I have see recently. Selling sweets, these youngsters certainly put loads of energy into their pitch. They had a captive market - literally tens of thousands of folk walking right past them towards the station.
Whilst it was kind of cute, they certainly deserved to do well, just because of the energy and commitment they displayed. It's not rocket science really - identify the market, find a gap in it - and try to capitalise on it.
So much of education should really be about helping youngsters help them selves - entrepreneurship is just really important! I am convinced that as we progress through the Third Millenium, the younger people start helping themselves regarding developing learning skills, talents and interests, the better.
Judging by this group - they certainly seem to be starting young these days!! (and for those worried about safe-guarding - the 'Dad' were just out of camera shot!)

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