Monday, 17 January 2011

BETT 2011

Another interesting and crowded BETT Show passes... featuring all the very latest and best things in educational technology. With more people registered to attend than ever, it was, on several days crowded with people seeing what was new.

Inevitably some of the 'stuff' looked pretty similar, but if you looked hard enough, there's always something intriguing and new...... The seminars and sessions looked interesting and were certainly well attended.. It was also, of course, a great opportunity to network and catch up with people not seen for ages.
What was good this year was the increase in students on some stands actually using the products and demonstrating the context... these, as ever, were a really good advert for what they were doing There have always been students on Professor Stephen Heppell's stand, (his theme this year being visual learning). As always the media were buzzing around his exhibit area all show.
What is fascinating is that some of the fab students from Lampton School have been there each year for five years. Not only were they seasoned pros at talking to interested spectators, they were also mentors to the younger students 'learning the ropes'. Talking to them certainly beat talking to a bunch of men of a certain age wearing grey suits, or some garish dodgy tee shirt try to look corporate, 'branded' and trendy.... oh dear..
The fab students from Lampton School demonstrating approaches to learning on Professor Stephen Heppell's stand being interviewed by yet another media crew
Students were also demonstrating and learning on the Lego stand..
Few stands were showing educational FF&E this year - there was a really colourful range here though
I must admit to feeling fairly sorry for one demonstrator (photo below) who bravely ploughed on with her prepared script, including informing us that there was several experts available to help of all interested.... the problem was, no one was listening to a word she said... a fairly hard thing to achieve in a show as crowded as BETT was this year... I'm sure she had more people later...
Is there anyone listening??

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