Friday, 7 January 2011

Commuting and virtual working...

Walking past a scrum of people desperately pushing to get onto the London Underground this week, even though the gates were shut, really made me wonder why more people don't work from home. Rapidly increasing numbers of people already do - judging by this awful sight, which is not unusual - I think more should strive to!

The technology exists, many people really do not have to be based in a specific office to do their job. When I need to contact people, I often skype people, including representatives from the DfE - I don't need to sit and look at them, just be able to communicate with them.Bizarrely, many schools and offices still block programmes such as skype even for staff. Why would you do that? Filters can be organised to cope!
Many offices are chronically inefficient, especially in providing dedicated spaces for people who are rarely there, and could do their work from anywhere. They could hot-desk - many people do. It's all about being brave and trusting people.
Our young people are well used to IM, social networking and other forms of communication - it's about using these skills and adapting them to work situations - many people can cope, can company leaders? If not - why not?

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