Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Engineering in Action...

Not directly education related, but an amazing piece of engineering took place over Christmas in Caversham when an entire railway bridge was removed and replaced in one go with a much bigger bridge. Even better, the whole event was captured on a time lapse camera... the resulting film, which does not last long, is really amazing.
The new bridge, weighing 1,000 tons was moved on a powered machine, with 257 wheels all of which steered independently.. a truly amazing piece of kit.
Months in the planning, the operation was completed early, including replacing all the railway tracks etc.. This was an amazing project in an area surrounded by schools. I just hope that they had a chance to be engaged with it by Network rail and the construction company involved..., especially those students studying construction and engineering. It really was just too much of a good opportunity to miss... but did they??
To watch the short You Tube video click here

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