Monday, 24 January 2011

LA's challenge

It had to happen - it was inevitable - a group of local authorities taking the new UK government to court about the abolition of the 'Building Schools of the Future' scheme. 'The Independent' newspaper summarises the story well.
The main thing is that we now have a proportion of students in the UK being taught in some fabulous learning environments fit for the Third Millenium, whilst others are in really substandard accommodation, more suited to the 19the century, with no current hope of anything happening about it. That just can't be right or fair. We all want students to have equal opportunities - they should have! We all know that the environment makes a real difference to learning despite what some may proclaim. Whilst the UK's deficit has to be addressed, I am just not convinced that education is the right area for such significant cuts.
This will be a very interesting court case to follow..... for the sake of our students!

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