Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Storage again...

What happens if someone wants to store a double bass?
Storage is always an issue in schools - there is so often not enough of it. As I contribute in a small way to the design of schools, I always look to see how other people address the storage issue. We all know that teachers as a profession have a reputation for being some of the worst hoarders ...... Even after a clear out when facing a move they have a lot of 'stuff' to support learning and students.
Visiting a new school recently I was slightly bemused by one music store cupboard - to describe it as narrow would understate it.... either they only operated a one way through it or it only allowed one student at a time to claim their instrument. Not sure what would happen if someone played the double bass or sousaphone! Now admittedly I did not speak to the music teacher involved in this school, but it just looks as though it is not a particularly effective space.
Storage has to work efficiently, its design has to be considered just as much as that of other spaces, it has to be a support for teachers, not an irritation.

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