Monday, 24 January 2011

Eye's Up!

Eyes Up! It's interesting really how few people look upwards as they move's not considered important. But this is a missed opportunity. (One Headteacher once said that he thought I was ready for headship after we had walked the school and I was spotting issues with ceilings and floor coverings - pity he was not talking about learning really!)... but seriously, many people do not look to the ceiling.

Schools do their best, especially if hey are helping themselves, but really when we run services across ceilings they do have be done as neatly as possible and made to look as though they are meant to be there. Otherwise they look really shocking! Working in one school at the moment I cannot help but compare it to Phelps High School in San Diego - every service is painted a different colour every student knew what each pipe/colour does, it is a true learning environment .... one works, the other doesn't!

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