Monday, 28 February 2011

BSEC - a quiet affair..

Attending BSEC this year at the ExCel Centre, London, was a really quiet affair. Frankly the place was dead, at least on the Thursday when I attended. I hear that it wasn't much busier on the previous day.

This was a pity as many of the seminars and conversations that took place were really interesting with some thought provoking issues explored. It's a real pity that there weren't more there to take part in them.
Why was it so quiet?: Lots of reasons were suggested, but the main ones seemed to be that a) it was a reflection of the current climate and the lack of any certainty of what the future held regarding new school procurement, b) the stunning silence regarding the James Review which everyone keeps saying is 'imminent' - but they've been saying that for ages, c) BSEC being held in the school holidays so almost no one from the education sector was there, unlike last year.
The overall air was certainly downbeat, one person described it as depressing. Certainly the exhibition stands were not busy. S0me tried really hard to maintain the momentum, including Conference Chair: Professor Stephen Heppell who worked tirelessly throughout the day chairing, questioning, probing - thank goodness for his pro activeness and genuine interest.
Next year - hopefully we will all know much more and the excitement and energy will return!!
The slightly curious conference area with pillars and small screens (and a significant proportion of the delegates
The main street in the middle of the day - a bit quiet I think!

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