Monday, 28 February 2011

Didacta 2011

The day after I attended BSEC, (see yesterday's post) I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Didacta Education Show in Stuttgart, by my colleagues at the fabulous VS company.

This was a very different scale event with over 850 exhibitors promoting every thing from pencils to commercial kitchens (complete with chefs demonstrating), from books to Interactive Whiteboards, from crafts to outdoor playgrounds, from robotics to furniture.
Didacta filled five huge exhibition halls, and the place was packed with a huge number of visitors, not just local but also from all over the world. The mood was upbeat and with an air of positivity and excitement.
There were some disappointments - and in many ways the UK is more advanced in some aspects, especially in terms of technology. There was a massive focus in showing people Interactive Whiteboards for example, and hand held voting systems, but there is so much more!
The huge number of stands were incredibly busy with attendees researching, discussing, comparing and buying. Even better, and unlike many other Education Shows, there were numerous opportunities for teachers and other to be taught a range of new skills - the teachers became learners. This range from crafts such as crochet and knotting through to robotics. There were also a number of seminars and demonstrations which people seem to enjoy - they were probably very good, but as I don't speak German.....
Even better there were several groups of students from musicians, artists though to 'skippers' demonstrating and celebrating their skills and abilities in front of enthusiastic audiences. How many shows forget to involve students - the very people who benefit from them!
All in all, an excellent day - I certainly hope to visit Didacta again - it was a really positive day! I will be posting more blogs about different aspects of this show over the next few weeks.

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