Thursday, 10 February 2011

Student Voice is important....

For those that did not see it, there was a really good article by Dea Birkett in the Guardian recently about the value of student voice..

There are still so many people that do not understand that many of our young people really do have a great deal to contribute, they really do know how they prefer to learn, they do care, they do want to do well, they are not robots.
When asking about what they would like to see in schools, there will always still be the zany or crazy responses from a few, but introduced and guided properly, these are always the minority.
I really believe that if we get it right, most students want to help get the approaches to their learning right -most want to do well. A key part of this is also helping create a learning environment to be one that will encourage them to work harder.
We just cannot keep doing the same old thing... I don't understand why not everyone sees this!

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