Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The home of inventors...

In Edinburgh a few days ago I was surprised to pass the house that Alexander Graham Bell was born in. The reason for my surprise was the fact that I had forgotten he had been born in Scotland. It got me thinking ... when he first invented and demonstrated the scratchy signal through his telephonic apparatus, if he could ever imagine the advance of technology and where we are now.... Surely not!

How often do we forget the people / brains behind some of the biggest inventions in our lives ?- we often use objects without considering how they got there and actually not really caring. Do our youngsters even know who invented the telephone - do they even need to know? If they do, they can always search on their 'smart' phones and get the answer.... Can we predict accurately how they will involve further in the future....?
I only realised Bell was born there due to the plaque outside the house - I have written posts before about notices, blue plaques etc on houses - but they really do add to a sense of history and an element of surprise when you pass them unexpectedly - the one outside this house certainly got me thinking.

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