Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Re-thinking Learning Forum

I was pleased to be invited to attend a 'Re-thinking Learning' Forum last week, chaired by friend Frank Locker and sponsored by WSP Edunova. Frank was an interesting and clever choice of chair, coming from the States with a totally independent view.

It was a small group of people, passionate about education, getting together and having a really professional discussion about the priorities for education and how they fit into the current political agenda. The interest level from others who could not attend was high.
A number of people and groups are talking about the future, the important question is whether they have any real impact have on the current debate.
This was the first meeting with this particular group. It will not be the last - the plan is to ensure the group has a wide representation, follow it with other events and aim to contribute very constructively to the current debate.
There will be more to report from this group in this future and more detail will be posted on the blog.
ABOVE: Frank Locker on his knees listening to feedback
BELOW: Frank with Chris Gerry, Principal of the New Line Academy Federation

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