Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Furniture to enhance learning spaces

I was really impressed with some school seating I saw recently. In the school concerned it is used as a venue a variety of learning opportunities including: student discussion groups, small group working and private 1:1 sessions with staff.

The key aspect of it is the highly acoustic material used in its manufacture. When sat down the noise outside the seating is really dampened down and the conversations taking place are quite private. The gap in the circle ensures good transparency for supervising staff.
Having sat inside it myself to have a conversation, the scale of the circle is also good - it is not too big and the very high backs instil a sense of privacy and place. This is what some would call a 'cave space'.
Speaking to some of the students, they really liked this seating - they felt it added an adult atmosphere to the environment and they had done some very good work inside it. I can think of several schools that may well like this keynote piece of furniture to really add a new dimension to learning spaces.
I know of a number of firms that try to create these small working spaces - this example from VS Furniture is the best and most comfortable that I have seen yet!

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