Thursday, 14 April 2011

The James Review is out!

So the Government appointed James 'Review of Education Capital is out at long last. Reaction has been mixed but overall there are some good aspects to it.
This blog, along with many others has agreed that the BSF programme was increasingly over bureaucratic, expensive and time consuming, so the call for a reduction is absolutely right.
The call for aspects of standardisation has been long predicted - whether that is good or not is concerning a number of people however. The last thing that is really needed is 'off the shelf one size fits all'. The 'fit for purpose' tag is obvious and important, but who is setting the bar? Certainly they need to be fit for purpose, but they also must be flexible enough to cater for ever changing learning and teaching styles of the next few decades. We will not always be sat in the rows facing forward that some are trying to return to.
Equally these new standardised designs must cater appropriately for the changing face of ICT, fully integrated into learning space design.
There is a call for a robust and ambitious timetable - too many schools have been waiting for news regarding future capital investment for too long - hope they will get their chance soon.
Reaction from the Centre for School Design blog is included here.

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