Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Patriotic feelings..

John Loughrey being interviewed by 3 crews
(Written before the Royal Wedding)
Walking though London two days before the Royal Wedding I was really surprised about just how much excitement and patriotic feeling there was about the Royal Wedding. By Westminster and Trafalgar Square there were film crews everywhere interviewing, NBC were doing their live Breakfast Show broadcast from Trafalgar Square, other countries had crews filming interviews and chatting to almost everyone who seems to walk past - you couldn't look anywhere without seeing media crews.
The first man to start camping by Westminster Abbey, John Loughrey, had film crews and photographers queuing up to interview him, literally. he featured in media reports all round the world.
The sense of patriotism was amazing! It started to make me wonder though - how do we teach that in schools, or if we don't teach it, how do we cover it in all age ranges? Do we even cover it any more? One news report noted that there was far more interest in middle aged people or older, with less interest from younger members of the community. So should we do more?
I do a small amount of work in America, there patriotism is taught and reinforced in schools, people are generally proud to be American. Many are very jealous of the traditions and monarchy in the UK.
I just hope that we do not let this very special institution slip through the net because of endless reviews and other pressures on the curriculum, or just leave it to chance. We deserve better than that.
Above - Italian TV live broadcast, and below the NBC Breakfast Show live from Trafalgar Square

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