Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Earlier this week I took a computerised CSCS assessment (construction site health and safety). The general basic level was really not hard at all and it did not take long. In fact registering, waiting etc took longer.

However, having talked to several colleagues from the construction industry, the harder levels are in fact quite tricky. More than one had failed some of the more complex tests at least once.
It, along with the start of the formal GCSE external examination process in schools does, once again, resurrect thoughts about how technology can improve the efficiency of school assessments. Surely we can't keep doing the same testing regime with tons of paper, envelopes, lots of delivery trucks, envelopes, labels, treasury tags and so on for another x decades. The world is changing too fast, surely assessment and testing needs to keep up. It just does not have to be an easy option if we get it right.

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