Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Welcoming Receptions

The first impressions on entering any building or area are important - people make judgements immediately. I was bemused recently to enter a large office building with all the digital signage at Reception and around, not welcoming visitors, employees and other people, but issuing a series of negatively worded orders on an endless cycle. It just gives the wrong impression. If these orders have to be shown, does it have to be displayed at the Reception Desk where new visitors sign in?

The use of digital signage is an important and frequent way of communicating welcome and promotion to visitors in Reception areas. It is also frequently used for students in and around schools, to celebrate, give notices, and way finding. What gets shown on the screens does need care and thought. It also needs to be frequently updated to make it relevant and .... purposeful. It reminds me of the school I visited a couple of years ago where the digital display in the school dining room did nothing but show the schools promotional video endlessly for a term - absolutely bonkers and a real wasted opportunity.
Effective digital signage offers massive opportunities, used well it is fantastic, it just needs vision, thought and creativity.

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