Friday, 3 June 2011

High Quality Display

Visiting a school recently I was really taken with their display cabinets in the foyer - totally transparent with really good clean lines and just looking so modern. It gave the impression of caring about presentation and helping create a really high standard welcoming reception. I would have liked to have seen some more with students work in as well, but further round the school, the display of student's work was excellent.

It was not, thank goodness, the chunky, horrible, mock teak, great laminate things I see so often in schools that look old fashioned and chip really easily to reveal woodchip or MDF underneath.
This small attention to detail and the image projected is exactly the kind of thing that people, especially students, notice. If we just put 'any old thing' in key public areas it sends out all sorts of messages about standards, attitudes and the importance given to detail.
Some will mention that they are probably expensive - I'm quite sure they may be, but I also heard a significant number of people admiring them when they first saw them - it said something about the school straight away.
And, as someone pointed out - reception display cases may be expensive, but how often do you buy them?

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