Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A new Think Tank - The Education Foundation

Interesting news in the past few days that Ian Fordham and Ty Goddard are leaving the British Council for School Environments (BCSE) to set up a new independent education think tank - to be known as The Education Foundation.
With Ian as Director and Ty as Associate Director they have some ambitious aims. It aims to work across political parties and country boundaries to help lead, shape and deliver change and reform in the education system, and link evidence about what works with the experiences of schools, colleges and universities working across the sector.
The Education Foundation intends to:
  • collate knowledge about what works nationally and globally to help schools, colleges and higher education institutions
  • start a national debate about education reform, looking for solutions to major policy challenges
  • recognise the potential of school leaders and reformers in every institution across the education system
  • open opportunities for business leaders and reformers in all institutions across the education system
  • scale up projects and programmes that are based on real evidence and measurable impact
  • create an inspiring programme of events, seminars and programmes of work that reach out to a wide audience of leaders from education, business and government
  • invest in education entrepreneurs to take innovative ideas to a wider audience
They also hope to start a national conversation about the development of the Education Foundation for maximum impact.
Laudable aims indeed. This is an interesting development at a time of significant change in the UK education system. Lots of people have tried to create groups to channel and collect evidence and educational thinking but their voices have rarely been really heard. If this Foundation, with Ian as Director, does become the centre for significant discussion and research then it should be a valuable contributor to the national debate.
I wish them real luck.

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